“Wake Snake Death Dance” Treasure Hunt

What is Wake Snake Death Dance?

Wake Snake Death Dance is a hand-printed, 45 rpm (vinyl), 4 volume release that includes all the clues, riddles, and maps to lead one epic, lion-hearted, mythological, heroic, legendary person to a treasure. Yes, you have read that correctly, A TREASURE!

What is the treasure?

We figured you would want to know.

All 4 test pressings of the series
All 4 original back illustrations framed
All 4 original silk screens framed
1 suit or dress painted by Rabbit Killer
1 custom mask
1 custom Death Rattle
and your very own, personal, Freight Train Rabbit Killer Masquerade Party
We hate rules, however, here are some:

The Treasure Hunting Code

Stay off personal and public property, unless you have permission.

Refrain from tearing shit up, especially if it’s not yours.

Keep yourself or anyone else out of harms way.

The hunt takes place in the grey area!
Good Luck Treasure Hunters!

To purchase the actual vinyl click here:

Wake Snake Death Dance - 4 Covers
Wake Snake Death Dance – 4 Covers