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  • 10 Year Anniversary

    10 Year Anniversary

    Haymaker Records will help celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the doom blues group Freight Train Rabbit Killer with a series of concerts and the release of a new full-length album. In celebration of the groups 10-year anniversary, Freight Train Rabbit Killer will be performing a set of threeContinue reading10 Year Anniversary

  • The Scarlett Social

    The Scarlett Social

    The Scarlet Social, a fashion show. A three act story – “Blood Garments: A De-evolution of Industrial Work Clothes”. Atmosphere by Mr. Marco’s V7 with an atmospheric finale by Freight Train Rabbit Killer. 15+ Rabbit Killer Blood Garments will be modeled by Kansas City locals.Continue readingThe Scarlett Social

  • Pre-Order new album “Hammer of Judgment”

    Pre-Order new album “Hammer of Judgment”

    Haymaker Records now has the new Freight Train Rabbit Killer album “Hammer of Judgment” available for pre-order. It is available in a limited edition opaque blue and standard black. Both versions include a two-sided color insert and digital download. MP3s of the album are alsoContinue readingPre-Order new album “Hammer of Judgment”

  • New Single “Pharmaceuticals”

    New Single “Pharmaceuticals”

    Today Freight Train Rabbit Killer releases the first single off of the forthcoming album Hammer of Judgment on Haymaker Records. “Pharmaceuticals” is a song about the misguided world of medical practice. For now, the song is only available for streaming and download on the bandcampContinue readingNew Single “Pharmaceuticals”

  • Hammer of Judgment Vinyl Release Party!

    Hammer of Judgment Vinyl Release Party!

    VINYL LOVERS!!! The “Hammer of Judgment” album has arrived! Our local release show is upon us. Come experience an all new FTRK performance like no other. Surrounded by 2 large projections featuring original animations FTRK and two new characters, the “Hammer of Judgment”, will takeContinue readingHammer of Judgment Vinyl Release Party!

  • March 2022 Concert Dates

    March 2022 Concert Dates

    Looking forward to this little run down to Texas with the mighty The Maness Brothers. A special thanks to Todd G. Laney and Goat Fest for helping make this happen. We love you dude! March 11 Lost Highway Bar in Oklahoma City March 12 TBAContinue readingMarch 2022 Concert Dates

  • Hammer of Judgment Tour Underground Pop-Up Show Tonight

    Hammer of Judgment Tour Underground Pop-Up Show Tonight

    Step right up to FTRK’s Underground Pop-up Show tonight in Kansas City (December 10th, 2021). Come witness a sneak peak of the 2022 “Hammer of Judgment” Tour featuring new music from our up-and-coming record on Haymaker Records called “Hammer of Judgment“! Doors at 10, 11Continue readingHammer of Judgment Tour Underground Pop-Up Show Tonight