Freight Train Rabbit Killer EPK

“Freight Train Rabbit Killer, the duo of Kris Bruders and Mark Smeltzer, is a unique presence on Kansas City’s music scene, performing theatrical gothic American roots music while wearing suits and masks.” (Bill Brownlee, KCUR 89.3)

Freight Train Rabbit Killer Duo
Freight Train Rabbit Killer Duo

“Kris Bruders and Mark Smeltzer have combined their creative alter egos to tell dark, frightening musical stories as the besieging Americana duo Freight Train Rabbit Killer. Bruders embodies Freight Train, a vigilante determined to ruthlessly eradicate the world of its corrupt powers. With the aid of his bristling slide guitar, Freight Train wails doomy Delta blues with a shiver-inducing authority. Between the natural and spiritual realms exists a rabbit-like shaman who holds supernatural powers. Smeltzer assumes the Rabbit Killer role by conjuring the eerie undertones of folk and bluegrass, often with instruments he created out of found objects. The fusion of these two musicians and their personas is where the story takes shape, but they pull the audience into their shadowy, pernicious center with transcendental live performances.” Michelle Bacon, The Bridge 909 News

Freight Train - Todd Zimmer Photo
Freight Train – Todd Zimmer Photo

“The duo’s live performances are dark and cathartic, even unsettling at times. The masks they wear are haunting, adding more gloom and darkness to their howling, electric blues.” Tim Finn, Kansas City Star

“We’re still feeling a little unsettled after their Saturday performance at the festival. We had been warned about this Kansas City-based act, but there was no way we could have been prepared.” Fally Afani, I Heart Local Music

“There’s nothing abnormal other than the approach. It’s just blues, it’s Americana, it’s folk.” Kris Bruders, Freight Train

“As we discover the wings of our own divine nature, we must also recognize the gravity of responsibility. It is called humanity. Own it.” Mark Smeltzer, Rabbit Killer